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Submitted a profile pic for De4dl0ck :D

2015-08-11 04:29:04 by ElectroLord99



I love your music, man! XD

Propz to Germany from Canada <3

NGADM Opaix is Entering too :p

2014-07-27 02:10:53 by ElectroLord99

Just seeing what might happen if I enter this contest with my new song: "Your Eyes"

I don't know much about the contest, but It's still before the deadline, and I make music, so..... lol

Might as well enter it :)


If I get through the first round I would definitely put effort into this contest.

entering is a good way to get a few more views out of the deal too maybe haha




2014-03-31 00:27:31 by ElectroLord99

A Dozen Songs Opaix Recommends For You:   >> d( ^____^ )b <<
yep, i rated them too.

01 -Better Off Alone Remix (Hard Trance) [PLAY] * * * * *

02 -Seeing the Sunrise (Trance) [PLAY] * * *

03 -Gemini (Zodiac Trance) [PLAY] * * * *

04 -Dancing for You (Electro-Bass Music) [PLAY] * * * *

05 -No Beef (Dance Remix) [PLAY] * * * * *

06 -Combat (Video Game Loop) [PLAY] * * * * *

07 -Trust Yourself (Soft Trance) [PLAY] * * * *

08 -Elite IV (Rave-Techno) [PLAY] * * *

09 -Walking Corpses (Dubstep) [PLAY] * * *

10 -Snow Dreams (DnB) [PLAY] * * * 

11 -Calm3 Remix (Ambient Loop) [PLAY] * * * *

12 -Now Begin (German-Style Techno) [PLAY] * * * *


Music is a lifetime hobby of mine, I will always make music.
Download my songs here on newgrounds for free!


I drew Spotted Leaf :3


2013-11-03 16:35:06 by ElectroLord99

I make youtube videos and music. (Visit Youtube Page)

-My Favourites-
Browser Game: Army Force Online (FPS)
Console Game: Blur (Racing)
Music Genres: Trance / Chillstep / DnB / Video Game / Rock / Electro
Food: Buffalo Burger with extra Mayo
Drink: OJ or Milk
Energy Drinks: Full Throttle / Monster / Rockstar Roasted / Red Rain



2013-08-17 18:32:59 by ElectroLord99

My name is James Jensen (aka Opaix), I play Minecraft. I'm a carpenter's assistant in real life, a computer nerd for life too. :) From Canada, born Dec 09, 1992. 4:18 am (2 mins away from 4:20 lol) (plenty of time to roll a fatty xD)
A few months ago I found a nice little beach in a jungle biome, I was happy to see the shapes of the sand and the density of the forest. The water goes vastly across the landscape in the other direction.
So I got an idea for this area, make a floating castle that is just above the beach and ontop of the ocean. Just floating - all magical like. I started with the tower, built it 21 cubes high, and formed it by stacking circles. Anyway, it was a cool view just outside the top window. A beautiful, desolate forest that cries wild roars and woops in the moonlight. Crickets too, ya.
But I was enchanted by this view, and the idea of the castle. So I got all my thoughts planned out, got a few programs(Fraps and such), then started to prepare the castle for recording. But as I was building, many secret things started being implemented, cool features that I really am proud of :p but not to be an ass, those secrets are kept secret until the final episode.
I'm happy I found that desolate beach. :)

Go to my Youtube Page to see some of my videos.
I'm just starting this series, so views are much appreciated :)

Thanks guys,
soz that I haven't been making music! Dx

-Click to watch Fort Nimbus Episode 01-
This is an all new live-action Minecraft building show. "Life of a Builder"
Half hour episodes with a list of music that plays while I build.
Download the map when I upload the final episode of the series.
Subscribe! :D


Wed May 8 2013

2013-05-09 01:03:46 by ElectroLord99

James Jensen aka Opaix / DJ Darkbeatz

Recently moved to BC from the Yukon
20 Years old
Construction Worker - Working on a Climbing Centre full time
Music Maker (Hobby) / Climber / Camper / Mountain Biker (Hard-tail) / Hippy

Today was the first day of riding MTB with a group.. I love this sport xD
I've never went on a ride with a group before, it turned out to be VERY fun and tested all my abilities.
We went on a 2 hour / 20 km trail run with a few short stops. I was usually the one they were waiting for.... I'll change that soon :p
The trails were sporadic and tight in many areas, most was going up steep slopes. and dodging mud pits n such :)
I'm extremely glad I joined this bike group.
I feel stronger.

Wed May 8 2013

2013 Update

2013-02-26 09:36:01 by ElectroLord99

Moving around constantly :S
but by March I will be in BC!

-thanks for listening to my music if you have-
I will be starting up some projects based on the style of my older songs 'I'm Blue' and 'Better Off Alone' remixes.
They will be out when they are complete, not to be captain obvious xD

And I'll continue to make video game loops for a while.. I like em

but have a good spring :) I'll be on my bike :p

2013 Update

New Post

2012-08-17 13:35:37 by ElectroLord99

TO DOWNLOAD MUSIC press the floppy disc icon on each song. Click Here to see my Audio List


Finally, I got around to making my Opaix Account.
That account is for the best of my dub and chill for now. (Someday other songs will fill it)

My song list is getting fairly long on newgrounds! might as well sort it out a bit.
... Here is a list of the best of each style :)

1. Better Off Alone (Hard Trance Remix) [2009]
2. I'm Blue (Hard Trance Remix) [2009]
3. Hella Good (Techno/Dance) [2010]
4. Dread Rock (Dubstep Remix) [2012]
5. Sugar Plum Fairy (Techno Remix) [2009]
6. Eurodancer Remix [2009]
7. Tetris Remix [2007]

Zodiac Trance:
1. Aries "Mar 21 - Apr 19"
2. Gemini "May 21 - June 20"
3. Cancer "June 21 - July 22"
4. Sagittarius "Nov 22 - Dec 21"
5. Aquarius "Jan 20 - Feb 18"

Dubstep Goods: (C = Chillstep, D = Dubstep)
1. (C) Mountain Air
2. (D) Walking Corpses
3. (C) With Closed Eyes I See
4. (C) Watch Your Step
5. (C) UFO Sightings
6. (D) Section Zero Access
7. (D) Sludge Worm, Attack!

Popular Originals:
1. Dancing for You (Techno) [2009]
2. Now Begin (Techno) [2011]
3. Brain Wash Me (House) [2011]
4. The Robot can Dance (Techno) [2010]
5. Emerald Dream (Hard Trance) [2009]
6. Let's Play Video Games (Video Game) [2010]
7. <Elite IV> (Techno) [2010]
8. State of Mind (Trance) [2009]

Awesome Oldies:
1. Burning Temptation (Trance) [2008]
2. Get Ready (Hard Trance) [2008]
3. Dark Rivalry (Dark Trance) [2007]
4. Dance Mix (Dance) [2007]
5. Game Over (Dark Trance) [2007]
6. The Chosen (Trance) [2008]
7. The Dark Side (Techno) [2008] (Star Wars Remix)
8. Dreaming of You (Trance) [2008]
9. Time (Trance) [2008]
10. Chaotic Darkness (Dark Trance) [2007]

My Audio List has more than 100 songs :D
You are welcome to search through to find songs you may like.

New Post

New Newgrounds Account

2012-06-10 02:51:34 by ElectroLord99

Finally, I got around to making my Opaix Account.
From now on, I'm going to submit my favourite of my dub and chill songs to that account as a collection of greatness XD

For all my dubstep and chillstep fans that read this, please subscribe to my other account! some songs won't be uploaded to this one.

thanks! gunna try to get better at what I do little by little :P

---Video Game Loops---
I'll be submitting my VGLs with this account, use any of them in any way.

New Newgrounds Account

[Click] to see a huge list of all my music!
This year will be full of dubstep and chillstep from me. Hoping to work full-time on music more often, time is passing...
Well as you all know, most people think there will be a huge event that impacts earth in the end of 2012.
I believe there will be something.
However, if nothing happens, I go back to making trance and other genres, never doing dub again.
This is fine with me, Dub seems like a catalyst for the event. if you know what i mean

Now, to get some info out about my projects; (P.S. ... list updated accordingly)

Dread Rock, an epic song by Paul Oakenfold. (my opinions)
(Attempting)Final Escape, a song that has been remixed before by other artists.

-New Projects-
5 unnamed songs... 3 chill, 2 dub

2 songs using vocal samples

Opaix 2012: Dubstep and Chillstep Year