Opaix - Steam Powered Dubstep Song
Opaix - Winged Knights Drum N Bass Loop
Opaix - We've Got Company Dubstep Song
Opaix - Downhill Dreams Experimental Song
Opaix - My Soul Place Dubstep Song
Opaix - Crazy Cat Dubstep Song
Opaix - Cyborg Ninja (dubstep) Dubstep Song
4 Hz Therapeutic Bass Experimental Loop
30 Hz Bass Therapy Experimental Loop
Opaix - Stricken by War Dubstep Song
Opaix - V8 Techno Song
Tut - Loop 02 Ambient Loop
Tut - Loop 01 Ambient Loop
Opaix - Your Eyes House Song
Opaix - Anti-Gravity Drum N Bass Song
Opaix - Distant Galaxy Cinematic Song
NA - The Wiggle Techno Song
NA - Sniper Techno Song
NA - Chasing the Enemy Techno Song
NA - Red Alert!! Techno Song
NA - Broken Light Fixtures Techno Song
NA - Celesta from Space Techno Song
NA - Foam Drinks Techno Song
NA - Moto M Techno Song
Opaix - Ambient Constellations Ambient Loop
Opaix - Invasion Tactics Trance Loop
Opaix - Moving Constellations Trance Loop
Combat - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Worried - Game Loop: B Video Game Loop
Opaix: Heat Stress Dubstep Song
Opaix - Uplift (DEMO) Dubstep Song
What I Heard Last Night ~ ! Ambient Loop
Opaix - Libra Trance Song
Opaix - Zoning Out Ambient Song
Opaix - The Night Beast Techno Song
Opaix - Snow Dreams v1.0 Drum N Bass Song
Chill - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Opaix - Calm3 Remix Video Game Loop
Opaix - Welcome Back Dance Song
Play! - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Opaix - Stoned Techno Song
Title Screen - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Floating High Techno Song
Sending Signals Ambient Song
Sticky Pistons Remix Dubstep Song
Peon Plays Guitar General Rock Song
Hellscream BeatBox Techno Song
Sorceress BeatBox Techno Song
Mystery Melody (Update) Techno Song
Mystery Melody WIP Techno Song
Peaceful - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Strategy - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Stricken by War - WIP Dubstep Song
Outro - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Intro - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Rival - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Map - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Opaix - UR City UR Music Dance Song
Opaix - Aries Trance Song
UFO Sightings - Chillstep Dubstep Song
Boss - Game Loop: B Video Game Loop
Boss - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Chillstep - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Psy - Game Loop: B Video Game Loop
Psy - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
H - Game Loop: A Video Game Loop
Dub - Mafia Starship Dubstep Song
Dub - Sludge Worm, Attack Dubstep Song
Dub - In the Forest Dubstep Song
Dub - Walking Corpses Dubstep Song
H - Swish House Song
Dub - Cornish Head Dubstep Song
Dub - Section Zero Access Dubstep Loop
Dub - Watch Your Step <3 Dubstep Song
Dub - K2 Summit Remix 2 Dubstep Song
Misc. - Get Connected Rmx Miscellaneous Song
Dub - K2 Summit Remix Dubstep Song
Dub - DATA Remix Dubstep Song
Dub - Dread Rock Rmx DEMO Dubstep Loop
H - Goodness Me House Song
Dub - Super Fact Dubstep Song
Dub - WithClosedEyesISee Dubstep Song
Dub - TakeYouThroughSpace Dubstep Song
Dub - Mountain Air Dubstep Song
Sugar Plum Fairy Remix Techno Song
DJ Opaix - Dancing for you Techno Song
Wax Crayons Techno Song
DJ Opaix - Sagittarius Trance Song
Bassline [DJ Opaix] (Final NG) Techno Song
Hardstyle [DJ Opaix] Techno Song
Eurodancer HT Remix Trance Song
Psychedelic Rave Techno Song
Aquarius (Dream Trance) Trance Song
Demon Fury Techno Song
DJ Opaix - Better Off Alo Trance Song
DJ Opaix - I'm Blue Trance Song
DJ Opaix - State of Mind Trance Song
RPG Remix Trance Song
Destroyed Memories - NG Cut Trance Song
Destroyed Memories Trance Song
Your Beauty Trance Song
Humongous Bass Techno Song
EL99 - Random Song 06 Techno Song
EL99 - Random Song 05 Techno Song
One Missed Call Ringtone Miscellaneous Loop
WC3 - Shop Theme Miscellaneous Loop
WC3 - Paintball Arena Techno Loop
Nikki's Song Miscellaneous Song
EL99 - Random Song 04 Techno Song
EL99 - Random Song 03 Techno Song
EL99 - Random Song 02 Techno Song
EL99 - Random Song 01 Techno Song
Emerald Dream-Better Version Trance Song
Air Defence TD Video Game Loop
Rave Heat [WIP] Trance Loop
Headhunterz - Subsonic [Remix] Techno Loop
Kerenza [Instrumental] Hip Hop - Olskool Song
BAD ASS -[demo]- Drum N Bass Loop
DJ Opaix - Starlit Universe Trance Song
EL99 - Gladiator Mice Trance Song
[HS] Battery Trance Song
[Hard Trance] Light Trance Song
Random Tests General Rock Loop
[Hard Trance] Dreaming Deeply Trance Song
EL99 - Drumz (Goa) Trance Song
EL99 - Tech (DEMO) Trance Song
EL99 - Goa (DEMO) Trance Song
(Piano) Love <3 Classical Song
(Hard Trance) Merry Christmas Trance Song
(Hard Trance) Get Ready Trance Song
EL99 - Comfort Classical Song
EL99 - Fate of Freedom Miscellaneous Song
-Massacre- Drum N Bass Song
|_.-:[Unidentified]:-._| Techno Song
Fate of Life Trance Song
-Mecha Combat- Industrial Song
Over the Rainbow Techno Remix Techno Song
-Dreaming of you- Trance Song
-Dedication- Trance Song
EL99 - Android Industrial Song
-The Dark Side- Techno Song
EL99 - Dark Deeds Techno Song
EL99 - The Chosen Trance Song
DJ Opaix - Beginnings Miscellaneous Song
EL99 - Lord of Corruption Trance Song
EL99 - Overdriven Fury Techno Song
EL99 - Burning Temptation Trance Song
EL99 - Battle of the Machines Trance Song
EL99 - Time Trance Song
EL99 - Untapped Power Trance Song
Title Screen Loop Miscellaneous Loop
EL99 - Dreams Trance Song