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can more things be pixel shaded? I think it would be cool if the objects in the background and stuff were also pixel shaded.

Retchen is a mega babe <3
Will this ever be a show?
I could see these characters being an awesome cast O_O

I love how much Scatter looks at his dirty magazine XD

GoodLuckFools responds:

Glad you enjoy the show!

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There's something wrong.

I didn't save this to my favourites, nor have I ever played this game, and it's there on my favourite list. Maybe it's not this game's fault, but I wanted to warn people just in case it's something to worry about.

I tried the game and voted 5/5

doesn't need story. this is a game about doing random shit in a fake world.
it is fucking awesome because of that.

last 1 is awesome too lol

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I've never heard a song in this style before, it is interesting.
You have cool sounds going on in this song.
I love that half-way point with the static-like sound effect.
This song is so different, I enjoy it because it's so unique!

I have a cat themed song too :D
(called 'Crazy Cat')
I hope you like it!

MeowPew responds:

Omg thanks for the feedback. Of course I'll listen: 33
I created this just to see my musical vision. But thank you, you are incredible.

perfect for assassin's creed origins imho

this is an amazing track, I love how you make this style of dnb <3

sexy sound design

Lethalix responds:


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cute toes :3

honestly her feet are cute :3

mogy64 responds:

damn back then i had a lot of trouble with feet haha


I am a sagittarian monkey from canada. Check out some of my music :D I make a ton of wacky styles and like to use bass. My newer stuff is getting a different sound, so listen to my oldies too! then take a nap. it's good for you :3 -Opaix

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