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Inktober Day 7 - BIRDens Inktober Day 7 - BIRDens

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the birds you draw are so amazing, I can't get over how they look. I keep going to your other pictures to find them haha I am a fan off them.

Inktober Day 6 - Vampire Witch Inktober Day 6 - Vampire Witch

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Day 12 - Inktober Day 12 - Inktober

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those ghosts really remind me of the Yugioh card, "Revival Jam" the card that comes back when you pay 1000 LPs lol. I was brought back to my childhood for a minute there, I haven't played that game in years.....

Watercolor Zebra Demon Girl Watercolor Zebra Demon Girl

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those glowing bats tho O_O so pretty

Thunderbird Pharah - Overwatch Thunderbird Pharah - Overwatch

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Wow! This is very awesome. I am 1/2 first nation but a different kind. I'm Tlingit, which is very similar to Haida. The art styles they have are almost the same because Tlingits and Haidas were always friends.

Razzle Dazzle Birdblobs Razzle Dazzle Birdblobs

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really awesome tattoo design XD

Pianta Village Pianta Village

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I think Nintendo should hire you for future projects. Seriously.

mogy64 responds:

haha, i still have a long way until i can even think of that! thanks!

Pub Comm Pub Comm

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dose graphix!!

Terranigma Underworld Terranigma Underworld

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that thing looks very pikachu inspired, what is that?

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G3no responds:

in the SNES game terranigma, that creature is called Yomi. it's your sidekick throughout the entire game. at the end of the game Yomi tells you that he is what every living thing looked like before evolution. kinda silly, but it is what it is. the game came out 1 year before pokemon haha

Chroma Flower Blooms - Clean Up/Composite Final Chroma Flower Blooms - Clean Up/Composite Final

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very 80's anime style.
I really like the way you animate.

ArtistGamerGal responds:

Thank you! More animation coming soon!