Wed May 8 2013

2013-05-09 01:03:46 by ElectroLord99

James Jensen aka Opaix / DJ Darkbeatz

Recently moved to BC from the Yukon
20 Years old
Construction Worker - Working on a Climbing Centre full time
Music Maker (Hobby) / Climber / Camper / Mountain Biker (Hard-tail) / Hippy

Today was the first day of riding MTB with a group.. I love this sport xD
I've never went on a ride with a group before, it turned out to be VERY fun and tested all my abilities.
We went on a 2 hour / 20 km trail run with a few short stops. I was usually the one they were waiting for.... I'll change that soon :p
The trails were sporadic and tight in many areas, most was going up steep slopes. and dodging mud pits n such :)
I'm extremely glad I joined this bike group.
I feel stronger.

Wed May 8 2013


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